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Aaron Maddron
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Aaron Maddron
is one of the emerging faces in American bodybuilding. An exciting and dynamic poser with amazing structure and a powerful stage presence, Aaron won the Heavyweight and Overall titles at the 1995
Emerald Cup in Seattle and now competes on the national stage. These pictures were taken at the 1993 Oregon State Championship in Portland, at which Aaron also won the Heavyweight and Overall titles.
Aaron Maddron
Name: Aaron Thomas Maddron
Nickname: A-Train
Date of Birth: November 5, 1970
Birthplace: Oregon
Current Residence: Oregon
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 255/295 pounds
Titles won:
1999 NPC Nationals Overall Heavyweight Winner
1995 NPC Emerald Cup Heavyweight Winner
1995 NPC Pacific Coast Overall Heavyweight Winner
1993 NPC Mr. Oregon Overall Heavyweight Winner
1990 NPC Mr. Oregon Overall Teen
1989 NPC Mr. Oregon Overall Teen
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