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Bob Cicherillo
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Bob Cicherillo
an IFBB professional bodybuilder. He is the cohost of the popular radio show and podcast Probodybuildingweekly with Dan Solomon. He qualified for the 2006 Olympia.In 2000, Bob earned his IFBB pro card by winning the USA NPC overall title. He was 34, which is pretty late in the day to be joining the majors. Because of this delayed entry, Bob has spent
his pro career as much a critic and ambassador to the sport as someone legitimately vying for the Mr. Olympia title. "When you turn pro, there aren't a couple of guys in suits standing there with a big check and a new car," Bob explains. "That pro card entitles you to do other things--that's it. You have to go where your talents lie.
Bob Cicherillo
Full Name: Robert Michael Cicherillo
Date of Birth: December 1st, 1965
Height: 6'0
Off Season Weight: 240 lbs.
Competition Weight: 270 lbs.
Titles won:
1983 AAU Mr New York State Teen Tall 1st
1987 NPC Junior Nationals HeavyWeight 1st
2000 NPC USA Championships
2006 Masters Pro World 1st
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