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David Dearth
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David Dearth
Former Mr. America, David Dearth is an IFBB bodybuilding professional and personal trainer. David wanted to be Mr. America. He spent half his day working out and the rest of the day talking with experts in the fitness industry. He wanted to know everything from what the best source of protein was to what supplements could bring his body fat to the lowest possible percentage to what exercises could give him the maximum results with minimum energy wasted. David reached his goal and won the
Mr. America contest ten years ago. David also had another goal over the years. He wanted to reach people everywhere with the ultimate, complete fitness program. Today, he is the cofounder of BioGenesis. He has seen many fads come and go, but noticed that one fitness commandment has stood the test of time and remains the backbone of nearly every aspect of fitness for both health and appearance. He will be sharing this fitness commandment, along with his experience and knowledge at The Longevity Bootcamp.
David Dearth
Name: David Dearth
Born: 1963
Titles won:
1989 Nationals NPC, MiddleWeight, 1st
Oficial wbssite:
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