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Don Youngblood
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Don Youngblood
After 14 years of building his business, at age 34 Don Youngblood decided to allow himself some time to pursue a personnel hobby. He chose bodybuilding and took to it like a duck to water. At an age when most Pro's are winding up their careers, Don was just beginning.
In 1994 he won the Arkansas State Masters Bodybuilding Championship. In 1995 he won the Arkansas State Overall Bodybuilding Championship, then in August
of 1995 he won the NPC Masters National Overall Bodybuilding Championship, were he received his Pro Status.
In 2001 he placed 2nd in the IFBB Masters Mr. Olympia being defeated by only 2 points. Don was 8 points ahead after beating Vince Taylor in the symmetry and muscularity round. Don was edged out in the posing round of competition by a narrow 2-point margin. The 2001 Masters Olympia was Dons first ever-professional competition.
Don Youngblood
Name: Don Youngblood
Location: Alma, AR, USA
Born: April 7, 1954
Height: 5' 9"
Off Season Weight: 295
Competition Weight: 245
Titles won:
2002 Masters Olympia - 1st
2001 Masters Mr. Olympia - 2nd
1995 NPC Masters National - 1st
1995 ARK State Overall - 1st
1994 ARK State Masters - 1st
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