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Frank Sepe
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Frank Sepe
is an American bodybuilder and male model of Italian and German descent, born in Rosedale, New York on December 28, 1971.
Frank Sepe is arguably the most photographed bodybuilder in history. Over the last ten years, he has focused more and more on modeling rather than on competitive bodybuilding.
He has been featured on more than 30 magazine covers all over the world, and has also appeared on romance book covers, in hundreds of bodybuilding magazine articles,
and on such television programs as Inside Edition, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Howard Stern Show, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and Hard Copy.
Frank Sepe is an expert columnist in the bodybuilding and fitness magazines MuscleMag and American Health & Fitness. He has appeared nude in the women's magazine Playgirl, and is one of the few competitive bodybuilders who has also been a "Playgirl centerfold" (along with John Corvello, Anthony Catanzaro and Peter Lupus).
Frank Sepe
Name: Frank Sepe
Born: December 28, 1971
Location: Rosedale, New York
Weight 271
Height 6'1"
Titles won:
1994 Eastern USA Bodybuilding Heavyweight 1 st
1995 Metro Bodybuilding 1 st
1996 North American Championships 5th
Oficial wbssite: