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Frank Zane
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Frank Zane
is a 3-time Mr. Olympia (1977 to 1979). His reign represented a shift of emphasis from mass to aesthetics and his physique is still regarded by some as the ideal in bodybuilding. Zane's proportionate physique featured the thinnest waistline of all the Mr. Olympias with his wide shoulders making for a beautiful V-taper. He stood at 5'9" and had a competition weight of 180 pounds. Zane is one of only three people who have beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger in a bodybuilding contest and one of the very few Mr. Olympias under 200 pounds. He published many books about bodybuilding. He is often accused of overly focusing on meditation and relaxation rather than emphasizing on the 'core' bodybuilding techniques. He
received the Arnold Schwarzenegger lifetime achievement award at the 2003 Arnold Classic for his dedication and long-time support of the sport.
In the 1980s, Frank owned and ran a gym in Palm Springs, Ca. He was focusing on personal training. He now lives in San Diego with his wife Christine.
In 2005, Frank Zane played the IFBB Announcer and worked as the consulting producer in the movie "See Arnold Run." As of 2006, Zane currently runs his own website, appears at seminars and book signings, and offers personal weightlifting sessions with his program called "The Zane Experience" in San Diego.
Frank Zane
Nickname: The Chemist
Born: June 28, 1942
Birthplace: Kingston, Pennsylavania, USA
Residence: California, USA
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 185 lbs
Titles won:
1965 IFBB Mr. Universe (Medium)
1966 IFBB North American Championships
1967 IFBB Mr. America (Medium)
1968 IFBB Mr. America
1968 IFBB Mr. Universe
1968 IFBB Mr. International
1969 IFBB Mr. World
1970 NABBA Mr. Universe
1971 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe (Short)
1972 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1977 IFBB Mr. Olympia
1978 IFBB Mr. Olympia
1979 IFBB Mr. Olympia
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