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George Farah
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George Farah
(b.1971 in Beirut, Lebanon)is an IFBB professional bodybuilder.
George Farah grew up in Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990) where he participated in combat operations as a child. Bodybuilding helped George get through these rough times and served as an outlet for much of his tension. Bodybuilding would stick to him after the war, when he would win the Mt. Lebanon competition at age 15. Soon after he and his family moved to the United States, eventually settling down in Rochester, New York where he would earn a BA in electronics. It was here where he would earn the nickname, "bulletproof", when in August,
1997 he was shot three times in a robbery attempt. He would go from almost losing his life to competing in the highest echelons of bodybuilding as a professional.
George's first NPC (National Physique Committee) event was the NPC Junior Nationals of 1999, where he placed 2nd in the middleweight division. His first Mr. Olympia was in 2002, where he placed 19th. In 2003 he competed in his first IFBB Night of Champions competition, where he placed 8th.
Geroge has been featured in many fitness and magazine articles, as well as being featured on Building Muscle, Burning Fat magazine. He currently resides in Rochester, New York.
George Farah
Height: 5'6
Off Season Weight: 225 lbs.
Competition Weight: 204 lbs.
Titles won:
1999 NPC Junior Nationals, Middleweight, 2nd
2000 NPC Nationals, Middleweight, 1st
2002 Mr. Olympia, 19th
2002 Southwest Pro Cup, 3rd
2002 Toronto Pro Invitational, 9th
2003 Night of Champions, 8th
2003 Show of Strength Pro Championship, 11th
2004 Florida Pro Xtreme Challenge, 6th
2004 Night of Champions, 6th
2005 Charlotte Pro Championships, 3rd
2005 New York Pro Championships, 12th
2005 Mr. Olympia, 12th
2005 Toronto Pro Invitational, 8th
2006 New York Pro Championships, 7th
2006 Europa Super Show, 9th
2006 Montreal Pro, 9th
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