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Jean-Pierre Fux
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Jean-Pierre Fux
( or "JP" as many friends call him, and by the way, his last name is pronounced "fooks" you potty mouth) exploded onto the international bodybuilding scene during 1996 with his surprising appearance at the Arnold Classic, the San Jose Pro-Invitational and the Olympia. Yet as
cartoon-like freaky as his physique is, the man himself is very gentle and intelligent with a clear direction in life. Ask any nonbodybuilding aficionado what type of person he thought JP was by a mere glance at him, and you'll probably get all the usual stereotypical description.
Jean-Pierre Fux
Name: Jean-Pierre Fux
Location: Switzerland
Born: Switzerland 1968
Height: 5' 11"
Off Season Weight: 300 lbs.
Competition Weight: 260 lbs
Titles won:
2001 Night of Champions XXIII - Did not place
1999 Grand Prix England - IFBB -- 16th
1999 Joe Weiders Pro World - IFBB -- 12th
1999 Toronto Pro Invitational - IFBB -- Didn't place
1998 IFBB Arnold Classic -- 4th
1997 IFBB Grand Prix England -- 9th
1997 IFBB Grand Prix Germany -- 8th
1997 IFBB Grand Prix Hungary -- 5th
1997 IFBB Grand Prix Spain -- 5th
1997 Mr. Olympia -- 7th
1996 Arnold Classic -- 9th
1996 Mr. Olympia -- 8th
1996 IFBB San Jose Pro Invitational 5th
1994 IFBB World Amateur Championships 1st
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