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Lee Priest
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Lee Priest
also known as “The Blond Myth” is a IFBB professional bodybuilder.Priest was raised together with his two-year older sister by their mother, who also practices bodybuilding in Walls End, New South Wales, Australia where he attended Platsburg Primary school.
Priest has gained popularity in the bodybuilding world due to his down-to-Earth manner, laconic sense of humour and willingness to talk to
and help young up-and-coming bodybuilders. At 162 centimetres, he is one of the shortest professional bodybuilders. When not competing, he weighs as much as 130 kilograms, but he cuts down to 90 kilograms in competition season.
On July 1, 2000 he married Cathy LeFrancois, a female bodybuilder, from whom he has since separated. Recently he was engaged to popular fitness pro Adela Garcia
Lee Priest
Name: Lee Priest
Location: Venice, California, USA
Born: July 6, 1972
Height: 5'4"
Off Season Weight: 270-285 lbs.
Competition Weight: 200-225 lbs.
Training since age 13
Arms: 20 3/4" (in competition, pumped)
to 21 3/4" (off-season, pumped)
Titles won:
1989 Australian Championships, 1st 1990 Australian Championships, 1st 2002 San Francisco Pro Invitational, 1st 2005 Grand Prix Australia, 1st 2006 Ironman Pro, 1st 2006 Night of Champions (PDI), 1st
Oficial wbssite:
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