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Melvin Anthony
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Melvin Anthony
is an IFBB professional bodybuilder.
Melvin Anthony grew up in the lower-middle-class neighborhoods of Sacramento and Riverside, California. Melvin first started working out in his teenage years and by the time he was 18 had a solid enough physique to earn a football scholarship at San Bernardino Valley College. It was in his late college years that Melvin started competing in bodybuilding contests. In 1993 Melvin got his first major result, a 3rd place at the Fontana Ironman contest. His first NPC (National Physique Committee) competition came in 1995, where he placed 1st in the heavyweight class of the NPC Palm
Springs competition. His first IFBB competition came in 2000, where he placed 2nd in the Night of Champions (Now called The New York Pro). After other various competitions he competed in his first Arnold Classic in 2001, where he placed 2nd. His first Mr. Olympia was in 2001, where he placed 11th.
Melvin has been featured in many fitness and bodybuilding magazines, and has been featured on the cover of FLEX magazine. Melvin Anthony now lives in West Hills, California with wife Ivette. He is also a devout believer in Jesus Christ and has numerous Bible verses posted on his website.
Melvin Anthony
Name: Melvin Anthony
Nickname: Marvelous Melvin Anthony
Off Season Weight: 275lbs.
Girlfriend: Bea Giraldo
Titles won:
1999 NPC USA Championships Super-Heavyweight 1st and Overall
2004 Night of Champions, 1st
Oficial wbssite: