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Rich Gaspari
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Rich Gaspari
came out of New Jersey in the early 80's to take the bodybuilding world by storm and nearly won his debut pro show, the 1985 NOC, at only 22. He
brought incredible mass and even more incredible definition to the stage and was Haney's main obstacle on his road to the Olympia throughout the mid-80's. Rich is now an IFBB judge.
Rich Gaspari
Born: 5/16/63
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 218 lbs.
Titles won:
1983 Jr. Nationals
1984 NPC Nationals (Lt. Hvywt.)
1984 IFBB World Amateur Championships (Lt. Hvywt.)
1986 IFBB L.A. Pro Championships
1986 IFBB World Pro Championships
1987 French Grand Prix
1987 IFBB German Grand Prix
1988 IFBB French Grand Prix
1988 IFBB German Grand Prix
1988 IFBB Italian Grand Prix
1988 IFBB Spanish Grand Prix
1989 IFBB Arnold Classic
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