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Ronnie Coleman
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Ronnie Coleman
is an American bodybuilder and an eight-time Mr. Olympia title winner. He is known mainly as "Ronnie Coleman", and has won the Mr. Olympia contest every year from 1998 to 2005. Coleman is an affiliate of the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) and is signed to an endorsement contract with BSN. Alongside his eight Olympia wins as a professional bodybuilder, Coleman holds the record for most wins as an IFBB professional with 25 wins. He broke the previous record (held by Vince Taylor at 22 wins) in Moscow on November 5th, 2004. Coleman graduated Cum Laude from Grambling State University (GSU) in 1989 with a degree in accounting. While attending Coleman also played football with the GSU Tigers under famous coach Eddie Robinson. After graduation, Coleman became a police officer. Coleman, who has won more professional titles than any other bodybuilder, supports the Inner City Games, an organization that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger co-founded in 1991. He was the recipient of the 2001 Admiral in the
Texas Navy Certificate Award from Texas Governor Rick Perry for outstanding achievements in bodybuilding and the promotion of physical fitness. Coleman's training consists of simple compound movements with mostly free weights and some powerlifting; he rarely uses machines. He typically trains 6 days a week in the on-season. Ronnie Coleman's First Training Video features Coleman training after the 1997 Mr. Olympia contest. The Unbelievable features Coleman's day-to-day activities in preparation for the 2000 Mr. Olympia competition. Some of the feats in this video include: 2x800lb deadlift, 12x200lb dumbbell flat bench press, 5x585lb front squat (free). The Cost of Redemption features Coleman's 800 lb (363 kg) squats, 2250 lb (1021 kg) leg press, 495 lb (225 kg) bench press and 75 lb (34 kg) arm curls. Preparation for the 2003 Mr. Olympia. On The Road features 101 minutes of workout action and 14 minutes of special features - Total running time 115 minutes. Filmed in Australia less than a week after the 2005 Mr. Olympia.
Ronnie Coleman
born: May 13, 1964
Birthplace: Monroe, Louisiana, USA
Height: 180.3 cm (5 foot 11 inches)
Weight: 135 kg (296 lbs) (contest)
150 kg (330 lbs) (off-season)
Biceps: 60 cm (24")[1]
Chest: 152 cm (58")[2]
Thighs: 91 cm (34")
Titles won:
1990 Mr. Texas (Heavyweight & Overall)
1991 World Amateur Championships (Heavyweight)
1995 Canada Pro Cup
1996 Canada Pro Cup
1997 Grand Prix Russia
1998 Night of Champions
1998 Toronto Pro Invitational
1998 Mr. Olympia
1998 Grand Prix Finland
1998 Grand Prix Germany
1999 Mr. Olympia
1999 World Pro Championships
1999 Grand Prix England
2000 Mr. Olympia
2000 Grand Prix England
2000 World Pro Championships
2001 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic
2001 Mr. Olympia
2001 New Zealand Grand Prix
2002 Mr. Olympia
2002 Grand Prix Holland
2003 Mr. Olympia
2003 Grand Prix Russia
2004 Mr. Olympia
2004 Grand Prix England
2004 Grand Prix Holland
2004 Grand Prix Russia
2005 Mr. Olympia
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