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Serge Nubret
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Serge Nubret
Born to a working class family in Guadaloupe, Nubret moved to Paris in the 1950s. He discovered his love of iron in the northern Parisian district of Sarcelles where he worked part-time for the local greengrocer while funding his studies as an aspiring actor and sometime model. His father Franck, a nightclub doorman, instilled in his son a burning desire to succeed and be the best where he himself had failed. An unfortunate cycling accident had cut short his father's bodybuilding career years earlier.
Nubret's frustration at his inability to break onto the international bodybuilding scene led to increasingly erratic behaviour. Like so many ethnic youths living in the Sarcelles housing projects, this "behaviour" soon landed Nubret in a French prison. Serge says to this day that he is terribly ashamed of this dark period of his life.
Later he developed into one of the top professional bodybuilders of his day. He
competed many times in the Mr. Olympia and placed as high as second. Serge Nubret was widely praised for having tremendous chest, and stomach development. Today he is looked at as one of the iconic bodybuilders from the golden era of bodybuilding.
Nowadays, he makes his living delivering speeches to French school and college students on the potential dangers of delinquency. Indeed, as recently as October 2005, Nubret appeared on national television alongside Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy in an attempt to quell the rising uprest that flared throughout French towns and cities.
Although Nubret never shone in the iron pumping circuit as brightly as some of the later Adonises of the sport such as Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger, he remains to this day an icon and inspiration to many younger budding French bodybuilders. He will remain one of the early trailblazers in this oft-maligned sport, championing the cause for those in lower socio-economic backgrounds.
Serge Nubret
Nickname: The Black Panther
Born: October 6, 1938
Birthplace: Anse-Bertrand, Guadeloupe
Residence: Paris, France
Height: 1,80 mt
Arms: 55 cm
Chest: 1,45 mt
Waist: 70 cm
Thighs: 69 cm
Calves: 49 cm
Off Season Weights: 100 kg
Competition Weight: 96 kg
Titles won:
1958 Mr. Guadeloupe
1960 IFBB World Most Muscular Man
1970 NABBA Mister Univers 2nd
1970 IFBB Mr. Europe (Tall)
1972 IFBB Mr. Olympia (3rd place)
1974 IFBB Mr. Olympia (2nd after Arnold)
1975 IFBB Mr. Olympia (2nd after Arnold)
1976 NABBA Pro Mr. Universe
1976 WBBG Mr. World (2nd after Sergio)
1977 WBBG Mr. World
1977 WBBG Mr. Olympus
1981 WABBA Pro World Championships
1982 WABBA Pro World Championships
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